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Robinson Bonding has been providing their bail bonds service to the Charleston, SC area since 1973. As a family owned and operated bail bond company, you can expect to receive fast, courteous, and personal service from Robinson bail bonds. We service Charleston county, Dorchester county, Berkley county, as well as write transfer bonds nationwide! We write Federal bonds as well. Call us twenty four hours a day, seven days a week to speak to one of our professional bail bond agents to get your problem resolved as fast as possible. Our bondsmen realize how traumatic it can be when a loved one finds themselves in trouble with the law and we are here to make the process of bonding out of jail as easy and quickly as possible. Whether for yourself or a loved one call us to find out what needs to happen next. Our bondsmen will explain the process of what happens when you enter jail, what to expect when in jail, and what to expect to get out of jail. No matter what trouble you or you loved ones may be in give us a call as soon as possible so we can get the bail bond process started immediately. Robinson Bail Bonds has written some the largest bonds in Charleston, SC. We can handle any situation possible!

Robinson Monitoring!

  • GPS Monitoring
  • House arrest monitoring
  • Professional and courteous service
  • Affordable rates
  • Our GPS products are approved by all local and federal agencies
  • We use the latest GPS monitoring products
  • Our products are designed for comfort and reliability
  • Charleston, SC’s oldest established GPS monitoring company

About Monitoring Process

Robinson Bail Bonds brought GPS monitoring to Charleston, SC in 1988. We use only the best products for your situation. The GPS system that we use has the most comfortable and uninstrusive equipment available so your lifestyle is impacted as little as possible.

If house arrest or GPS monitoring is required as a condition for release from jail, the first step is to contact us. Arrangements will be made with a bondsman to meet the person getting released at the jail. We will then fit the GPS device to the person and the bondsman will explain what they will need to do while the device is in use. At this point, they can be released from jail. We work to make this as simple a process as possible.

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The electronic monitoring industry is littered with lookalike, cookie-cutter products that were created by companies trying to play catch-up with their competition

With effective supervision, there is a real and demonstrated opportunity to reduce recidivism in misdemeanant populations and community corrections agencies

Crime is an ever-evolving venture for the people that resort to it. As technology evolves, how people commit come crimes has changed in Charleston, South Carolina.

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